Xl Pulley

The belt pulley is a kind of hub parts, generally the relative size is relatively large, and the manufacturing process is mainly casting and forging.

Standard xl timing belt pulley with belt width 9.525mm

XL timing belt pulley 14T for 0.37″ belt wide

Xl Timing Belt Synchronous Pulley

Principle of choice

The selection of various indexes and materials of pulley is based on the principle of minimizing raw materials, feasible process and the lowest cost on the premise of meeting the use requirements.

What Pulley

Generally, the larger size is designed by casting method, and the material is generally cast iron (good casting performance), and cast steel is rarely used (poor casting performance of steel); generally, the smaller size can be designed by forging, and the material is steel. Pulley is mainly used for long-distance transmission of power, such as small diesel power output, agricultural vehicles, tractors, automobiles, mining machinery, mechanical processing equipment, textile machinery, packaging machinery, lathe, forging machine, some small horsepower motorcycle power transmission, agricultural machinery power transmission, air compressor, reducer, reducer, generator, gin and so on..

Property: hub parts,Features: generally, the relative size is relatively large,Advantages: the belt pulley transmits kinetic energy to ease the impact of load,Belongs to: hub parts.



1. Loosen all bolts, take out one or two bolts according to the number of holes, lubricate the bolt pattern and bolt tip with oil, and insert the bolts into the holes.



2. Tighten the bolts alternately until the taper sleeve and pulley are loosened.


3. Take out the taper sleeve and pulley from the shaft.


Material Requirements

1. The material of fan pulley is gray cast iron HT200, HT250, etc. (but steel, copper, aluminum, etc. can also be used according to customer demand).

2. The belt pulley shall meet the following requirements: light weight, uniform mass distribution, elimination of internal stress during manufacturing, and static balance correction for belt pulley.

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